Get connected to a parent champion to answer your questions, provide guidance, and link you to resources to help you meet your family goals. They serve pregnant women and parenting families for free. Connect with Help Me Grow to get linked to the program you qualify for and that meets your needs.

Shasta County Home Visiting Programs

Early Head Start

For pregnant women and families with children from 0-3 living at or below the Federal Poverty Level or receiving CalFresh benefits.

(530) 241-1036

Healthy Families Shasta County

Open to all Shasta County residents regardless of age, sex, or incomes that are either expecting or have a child under the age of 3 months.

(530) 247-3312

Nurse Family Partnership

For first-time moms who are less than 28 weeks pregnant and eligible for Medi-Cal or WIC. Get paired with a nurse who provides advice & support.

(530) 225-5394
Shastahhsa.net  or nursefamilypartnership.org

Pathways to Hope for Children, Parent Partner Programs

The Parent Partner Programs utilize evidence-based programs including Triple P and Safe Care to provide case management and deliver parenting education. Parent Partners help link families with needed resources, support, community, and school advocacy.

(530) 242-2020

Road to Resilience

Support for high-risk pregnant women with current and/or past history or substance use and/or families of substance-exposed infants, up to 6 months post-partum.

(530) 241-5816

TAPP – Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting Program

For pregnant and parenting youth (mothers and fathers), enroll before your 21st birthday. Helps you reach your goals and dreams. 

(530) 241-0552